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Default 6800 series CS:S gameplay performance graphs

Last night i wanted to see just how my card is performing in CS:S, as it's hard to watch the net_graph in the middle of a hectic firefight, so i made use of fraps benchmark mode. I'm happy with the results, and i thought to save anyone else needing to do the same to find out, i'd post the results here. I tested over 4 maps; cs_office, de_dust2, cs_italy, and de_chateau. I joined a 28 man server that was full as that gives you some really heavy onscreen action.

General settings - Driver 66.81 in quality mode, all opts on. Clock speeds as per sig.

In game settings - all High, water Reflect All, resolution 1600x1200, 4xAA, 8xAF, (VST 83fps).

First up are office, dust2, and italy. Min/max/avg fps across the three maps was 0/295/53. Loading maps and tabbing out briefly caused the min/max figures. Here's the graph:

Then i remembered chateau is the hardest map on framerate with the water, so i jumped on another full 28 man server for a half hour game. Min/max/avg fps was 20/131/65. Not such a min/max disparity as before because there was no map loading during the framerate capture. Here's the graph.

So there's some good data on the actual gameplay performance for the 6800s in CS:S on large and very hectic servers, something which has been a bit lacking, nice as the on-rails VST is.

Edit: i really have to add, playing 28 man office is quite insane, a mass of bullets and flashbangs and flying furniture, hehehe.
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