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Default Re: (unofficial) Half-life 2 Gold!

JakUp, you do have too much time on your hands, lol. BTW, funny pic lol. So some guy at BB saw a PowerPoint presentation with HL2 going retail on Nov 4th? As far as games coming out on Thursday, Sims 2 was released that day, I got lucky to grab the game on Wednesday. If it were to become available on Nov 3rd on Steam, then I just have one word . . . w00t!!!!!!!!

EDIT: The guy who made the post of seeing a PowerPoint presentation, his screen name is a little odd. "BestBuy1234"? That just seems a little suspicious to me .. . . .
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Default Re: (unofficial) Half-life 2 Gold!

Yea...does seem suspicious...but his claim of it coming out on a Thursday is correct. They did this with UT2K4 ( I remember cuz all other stores sold it Tuesday and I went to BB on a Thursday to try and get the collector's Edition) Doom 3 was the same way-I bit less stern though, some BB's sold it tues/wed. others waited it out. So the Thursday thing makes sense, BB usually sells PC Games Thursday and Circuit City on Friday. EbGames, Gamestop, GameCrazy, etc are your best bet if you want it on a Tuesday.

Hopefully it has gone gold, sure would be nice to read an announcement tomorrow, but something tells me they're going to keep it hush hush till last minute.
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Default Re: (unofficial) Half-life 2 Gold!

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Sorry guys I just thought this was really funny!!!
Hey! Stop pickin on him! I like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man...
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Default Re: (unofficial) Half-life 2 Gold!

Funny story

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