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Default Fedora Core 2 and new kernel boot failure


My FC2 machine is not booting up with newer (example with .435 end) than 2.6.5-1.358 kernel. Why? I want to boot up the latest .5xx kernel but every time I get an xorg boot failure messages. If I uninstall the nvidia drivers then with the default drivers I will be able to boot up my PC with the newer kernel. Mysterious and unusual...
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Default Re: Fedora Core 2 and new kernel boot failure

What you are seeing are not boot errors, they are X server startup errors. If you installed the Nvidia driver with the install kernel using the Nvidia installer, you will need to re-install with the new kernel (and again when you change kernels again). Your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file wil still be OK as long as you don't let the system diagnose or fix the 'problem' (the system will see the nvidia driver as a problem and want to put it back to the nv driver).

Your next issue wil probably be that you won't have the sourcecode for the newer kernel, there was a change in the naming of the kernel-source rpm file (to kernel-sourcecode...) that up2date won't automatically pick up on. Be prepared, FC 3 (due on November 1st) changes it yet again and it is intentionally not installed (the headers will be an option though). The 61.11 driver won't install without a little fiddling (there are a couple ways around it already), maybe there will be a new driver to work with the new release and support the three lines of cards not in the current driver (6600, 6200 and 6700). You don't have to worry about all that yet (unless you have a 6600 or 6200 GPU) though...
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