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Default Incompatible Match: Geforce FX5700 and Tyan K8W S2885

NVidia drivers do NOT WORK with this pairing of a mobo and video card.

MOBO: Tyan K8W S2885
Video: Aopen Geforce FX5700

Symptoms: Black Screen of Death
OS: Gentoo with latest everything, including latest NVidia drivers.


1. The Geforce FX5700 Card has been tested in the above hardware configuration under BOTH 64bit AND 32bit. Black screen of death under AGP mode. PCI mode is fine.

2. The Geforce FX5700 Card has been tested in the above hardware configuration under Windows XP. Black screen of death as soon as you try to use AGP mode. PCI mode works fine.

3. A friends Geforce FX5700 __Ultra__ was tested on the SAME hardware with the SAME EXACT settings and it worked fine. This confirms that there is no problem with the Tyan mobo.

3. I purchased a cheapo Intel based board (Celeron CPU) and my Geforce FX5700 card WORKS FINE in 8x AGP mode under Windows XP. This verifies that my video board is not bad.


The Nvidia drivers do NOT SUPPORT the FX5700 (plain one, not the ultra) on Tyan board. Period. They do not work for linux, nor do they work for Windows XP.

Will someone from Nvidia PLEASE contact me so this problem can get resolved? I've been willing to co-operate, but have failed to get any real support, and it's now been nearly 8 weeks since I sent in my original emails to the bug address. I suspect that if this problem is resolved it will help resolve a lot of people's problems. How many other customers are willing to support a company that supports linux by going out and buying another box for testing purposes? I think that says something about the level of co-operation I'm willing to give....

Thank you.
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Default Re: Incompatible Match: Geforce FX5700 and Tyan K8W S2885

I have EXACTLY the same problem with a GIGABYTE GA-K8NS PRO and a geforce 5200 fx card.
When I activated the AGP the X server crashes. I tried with all the possible kernel options combinatios and with different kernel versions and always have the same results
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