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Default CS Source and my 5800

I have to say, Valve did a great job on the code for CS:source in regards to the last gen NV cards. I have a 6800GT at home that absolutely rocks the house at 455/1.16 At work I have basicly the same setup but use my trusty old 5800NU clocked at 520/1120. Suprisingly it does very well in CS:S. It gets in the 70's at 1024x768 although it takes a beating if AA or AF is used it runs great with trilinear. I think that even though it uses a dx8 path its very playable. Anyone else have an opinion?
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Default Re: CS Source and my 5800

plays great on my 5900 i play at 1280x1024 2xAA 4xAF high settings and averages ~60fps. Now they just need some more maps
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Default Re: CS Source and my 5800

i had a 5800 ultra and i went to a 6800gt for source...it played fine but i wanted to play at 1280, 4x/8x max options
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