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Question Soul CUBE in the Begining

Ok i just Finished DOOM3.
Woo. realy a great game but not really a good ending,..any way.
i find something stragne!.
I just Begin a new game in a NightMare level.
After i got the Gun i killed every one i face..
the Last one was M. Rayan in Undeground Garage.
After i killed them i GOT Soul CUBE.
What is that?
So what i should do/find in HELL in that time then?

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Default Re: Soul CUBE in the Begining

Yeah... on Nightmare you start with the Soul Cube... it is there to help you keep your health up since it drains down to 25... if you are good you can keep it above that most of the time using the soul cube .
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Default Re: Soul CUBE in the Begining

Nightmare is HARD! If you want a real challenge play it at nightmare. That is Doom3 like it was meant to be played. It is scary as crap becaue you are always running around with extremely low health, so one false move and your dead.
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Default Re: Soul CUBE in the Begining

i think its sick playing at nightmare its impossible.
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Default Re: Soul CUBE in the Begining

Originally Posted by zeero1978
nightmare difficulty is just an excuse... coz the AI in Doom3 sucks!!!! hehe

This is why its easier for game developers to use zombies and minions. I can still suspend my disbelief when they do something stupid because what do you expect out of a zombie anyways.

It totally jars you out of the experience though when you see human characters acting stupid.
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