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Default Halo 2 gets 10/10 in UK OXM!

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Default Re: Halo 2 gets 10/10 in UK OXM!

OK, i was resisting, but i may have to pre-order the xbox version now.
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Default Re: Halo 2 gets 10/10 in UK OXM!

I am sure it's a great game but I want to see reviews from sources besides a Xbox-only magazine. Metroid Prime 2 will get the same "greatest thing evar" review in a Nintendo magazine.

I will still get this game eventually but since November is already a big month for gaming I can wait a while to get it. Removing online coop play moved it way down my priority list. That's my opinion anyway.
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Default Re: Halo 2 gets 10/10 in UK OXM!

Well, I wouldn't really consider any console-specific mag to give out accurate reviews (the US OXM gave it a 9.7 btw: http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/562116.asp ), but still reassuring. It's nice to know that it has 15 levels (50% more than Halo 1) with no repetition, guess it really is twice the game that Halo was . Sad that there's no Live coop, turns out that was just a rumor which I found out Bungie themselves debunked in their official Halo 2 FAQ, go figure.

Oh, and apperently the game has already been shipped to many retailers (like Doom 3 it's going out early in order to meet the demand), or so this picture would imply : http://img100.exs.cx/img100/4500/halo2pic1.jpg
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Default Re: Halo 2 gets 10/10 in UK OXM!

guys, it's awesome.........get it
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