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Question several linuxes nvidia? problem (corruptet filesystem) asus a7n266

Hello forum!

I'm not shure who or what to blame ... but here is my _severe_ problem:

I'm using a motherboard from ASUS (A7N266) with a Athlon CPU (XP 1700) and a buildin nvdia chipset.

I tried during the last month several OSes i.e. RedHat, Debian Sarge, Knoppix and Gentoo and several kernels from 2.4 to 2.6 - all of them raised the same behavior. When using the nvidia drivers (including GLX and all the stuff) the grafics ran verry well and I got no problems - only some slightly creeping failures in the filesystem. That means: after a period of starts and shutdowns 'some' files were corrupted - mostly systemfiles containing configs of the X-server, user infos, menues, and so. These 'hardwareerrors' accumulated until my system broke down (I'm trained now in building up new systems - but it became boring :-).
I replaced: all my harddrives, all memory chips, and the current supply. The problems stayed!

Once I noticed that the first grafic screen (that where you have to log in) showed some disfunctions: 2 lines of about 20 blocks in the upper left corner and some randomcolored 2 pixel thick lines in the center of the screen. That seemed to me like old DOS problem (you know, when you wrote into the video memory).

I came to the conclusion that somewhat wrote into the wrong places in the memory - even in the places where open files were hold. When at shutdown these files were saved they contained randomized? rubbish (maybe videodatas).

I made two things: at first I set the count for make a fsck at boottime to one (tune3fs) and commented out the nvidia driver (using now nv and load dri). The problems were gone!!

I lived this way a while until I needed a runnig GLX System (for blender i.e. a 3D-moddeling software). So I tried the newest nvidia driver (6111rc3). (GenToo: emerge nvidia).

Grafic ran well as before - filesystem corrupted. I had to rebuild large parts of the system.

My ideas ran out - if someone is able to give me a hint I would be very appreciated.

Regards to all - and sorry for beeing verbose.
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