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Default Console problems


I have just installed the latest NVIDIA driver on my suse 8.2 (out of the box)
After installing on X everything is fine. Even the 3D Support ist working very well. But here it comes:
When I try to switch to one of my consoles [strg][alt][f1] for example, I see only some wired stuff. The Letters are nearly quarter size of resolution and really sucked up So I am not able to work without X anymore. I can when I boot in init 3 but as soon as I start the X server I only can use the X server.

does anyone know this problem?

I'm very sorry if this topic has already been discussed, but a 15 minute boardsearch didn't brought me there.....

thanks a lot

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Default Re: Console problems

try to disable framebuffer console with vga=normal

check your bootloader config for that.

maybe an updated bios for your card would fix that, but can't say it for sure.

1. Toshiba M30-742 | Centrino/Pentium-M 1700mhz | Geforce FX 5200Go
2. Celeron (Tualatin) 1400mhz | Geforce Ti 4800SE
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Default Re: Console problems

allright before I tested the vga=normal the symtoms just changed in the way, that if I switch to a text console my monitor goes into stand by and reusmes if I switch back to X
the vga=normal just didn't do anything

why do I have to update my vga bios?
I think the problem is not my card but the driver because my suse without driver dit work properly but I need this 3D......
any other suggestions?
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Default Re: Console problems

Are you using rivafb? I believe this is completely independent of vesafb ( i.e vga=) so specifying vga=normal will not change anything.Run this as root:
 lsmod | grep -i riva
If it is there you'll need to remove it from your module boot file which is /etc/modules for debian and probably something similar for other distros.If you have built a custom kernel and accidently compiled it into the kernel directly you'll need to recompile a new kernel with rivafb removed.
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.\\ad .\\ax
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Default Re: Console problems

I've been having the same exact problem. I boot into the console (framebuffer), launch into X and everything's fine. As soon as I telinit 3 back into a console all I see is garbage. This started happening when I switched to 2.6.9. I have successfully used nvidia 6111 with 2.6.7. I don't have rivafb compiled into the kernel. I have patched the kernel so the the nvidia required exports are exported...
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.\\ad .\\ax
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Default Re: Console problems

This site has some info.

I'll try some of the suggestions when I get home.
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Default Re: Console problems

Ever since the release of the 53.36 drivers I lost the text consoles. (A7M266D, 2xMP2400, 1GB, GF5900/256, FC2, 2.6.9)
Once the nVidia driver inits, switching to text consoles either locks the machine or displays a bank screen.
Funny thing is that the same works just fine with my GF5200 and GF4/4400....
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Default Re: Console problems

@.\\ad .\\ax:

Thank you sooo much for that link! I have been experiencing those green boxes mentioned under the "Corrupted Console" section for quite some time now.

In the [Graphics device section] in xorg.conf I just added:
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"
and the problem was solved.

Too bad I wont be able to use my TV-out though... guess you can't have everything you want in this world

My system:
Notebook: Toshiba 2450-201
Graphics card: nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 420 Go] (rev a3)
Distro: Slackware 10.0 (swaret --update Dec 1)
Kernel: 2.6.9 from kernel.org (monolithic, vesafb only)
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