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Default nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 and dual display failure

Hello, installed in my suse 9.2 linux box is an nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 agp card (64meg), in my pci slot i have an SIS300 card (32 meg). Originally when i started using these two cards in conjunction, i was running suse 8.2. I used the nvidia drivers from the nvidia web site, had a dual display, had 3D openGL, life was perfect. Since suse 9.1 though, i have had nothing but failure. Mind you, i can get dual displays with just the generic drivers provided by suse, but when i install the nvidia drivers from the web, i cannot start X.

First off, i am using the default kernel, (suse 9.x) does not provide the amd kernel for me anymore (not sure why). I reboot, init 3, log in as root, run the nvidia.sh installer (with kernel-source installed). Nvidia does its thing, but during the process, it complains that i have "rivaFB' support installed in my kernel (not sure what that means) and that there may be problems. Yet it installs seamlessly otherwise.

Now, still i follow instructions and run sax2 -m 0=nvidia. Sax tries to start the x-server config utility but then kicks back out and claims something about "ups cannot find hardware or display 0 or something of that nature.

I don't remember exactly, it took me long enough just to get my x-server back without trying to go through that again.

Here is what i have done/know:
I tried changing the PCI to the primary display (cmos setting) as suggested by someone on the internet, still failed.

I tried just setting the driver name in xorg.conf/XF86Config to nvidia (without running sax2) i get the nvidia logo (but it looks like somebody use a paint brush on my monitor) but then x just sits there on the logo forever, and ever, and ever, ...

If i remove the SIS300 card, everything works perfectly, BUT i would like a dual display.

I have tried numerous other pci video boards, same results as previously mentioned.

If after all this i run the nvidia-installer --uninstall, go back to my original xorg.conf/XF86Config file (yes i made a backup), then i can get x started again. BUT without openGL, 3D, so on and so on.

If anyone can help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I am by no means linux savvy (beginner at best). I am not a programmer (maybe some pascal). And i have no idea how to remove rivaFB support from my kernel (if that is all i need to do). But i would like my dual display back (3D and all), as i do spend alot of time on my pc.

By the by, if it matters or not, when i was running suse 8.2, my 3Ddiag was averaging 832 FPS (with the nvidia drivers). Now, with the generic drivers i average about 172 FPS.
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