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eric kleinpaste
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Default Suse9.2: nForce2 and audio issues


I loaded suse9.2 on a box with the nvidia nforce2 chipset. 2.6.8-24.10 kernel. It has kde 3.3.0-29 loaded on it. I have set the bios for no PnP. I have installed the nforce driver Linux IA32. I am having some audio difficulties with it.

Portions appear to be working and others not. xmms works. Playback with audacity works, but recording does not. Actually, no recording app works. kscd appears to be working, but no sound. Same with amarok.

vumeter gives the message "Cannot connect to sound daemon. Please run 'esd' at a command prompt." I try to run esd, but it does not stay up.

artsd fails as follows:
eric@ZZZ:~> artsd -l0 -F10 -S4096 -a toss &
gsl: using Unix98 pthreads directly for mutexes and conditions
[artsd: 6195] parallel startup detected: sleeping
unix_connect: can't connect to server (unix:/tmp/mcop-eric/emksuse92_site-1817-41de1461)
[artsd: 6195] SoundServerStartup --> got lock
device capabilities: revision0 duplex realtime trigger mmap
buffering: fragsize:4096 fragstotal:10
buffering: 10 fragments with 4096 bytes (audio latency is 232.2 ms)
AudioIOOSSThreaded::startThread(): entering
AudioIOOSSThreaded::startThread(): leaving
AudioIO::close(): entering
AudioIOOSSThreaded::stopThread() entering
waiting for writerThread to finish
AudioIOOSSThreaded::writerThread() thread started
Thread::setPriority: sched_setscheduler failed

From /var/log/warn:
Jan 7 23:23:09 emksuse92 kernel: module smbfs unsupported by SUSE/Novell, tainting kernel.
Jan 7 23:23:38 emksuse92 kernel: module nvsound unsupported by SUSE/Novell, tainting kernel.
Jan 7 23:41:15 emksuse92 kernel: Nvsound: Unable to change the Channel, set back to Stereo
Jan 7 23:41:15 emksuse92 kernel: Nvsound: Unable to change the Playback SampleRate, set back to 48000
Jan 8 00:01:32 emksuse92 kernel: Nvsound: Unable to allocate the wave device

Under Hardware Info sound has two entries:
** nForce MultiMedia audio [Via VT82C686B]
** nForce2 AC97 Audio Control (MCP)

Any ideas on how I can get the aRts system running?

Thanks for your help.

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