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Michael Albert
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Default AMD64 Freezes Xserver

I have a "Quadro4 750XGL DH" card, and I'm using an AMD64
dual processor running in 64 bit mode under
Approximately once a day, the "X-server" freezes. I can
generally log in remotely, and I find the X-server is using
100% of the the CPU. I can use gdb to attach to the
X-server, and I get stack traces which look like the following:

#69 0x0000000001313268 in ?? ()
#70 0x0000000000000018 in ?? ()
#71 0x0000000001099b30 in ?? ()
#72 0x00000000005547e5 in miSpriteCopyArea ()
#73 0x000000000047cd6c in ProcCopyArea ()
#74 0x000000000048170d in Dispatch ()
#75 0x000000000048dcb5 in main ()

I contacted the XFree86 folks, and they advised me that this
looked like a device driver issue. I am using the
x86_64-1.0-6629 driver. I have seen this behavior on
three different machines, all equivalent in software and
hardware, so this is probably not a defective piece of

Any suggestions on used diagnostics? Things I might try?
Does anyone have experience with a similar setup?

Thank you.

Mike Albert
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Default Re: AMD64 Freezes Xserver

Does it hang on a non-smp kernel?

Run memtest86 outside of X (I wish nvidia would put that one in the readme).
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