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Default Re: 1.7 Million Half-Life 2 Copies Sold In Two Months

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Pokemon Red/Blue is 2 games. Halo1/2 have sold about 13 million combined. Final Fantasy VII sold 9.37 million. And it cost $70 when it first came out.

The difference is ff7 didnt suck And I paid $49.99-never saw it @ $70 @ any point. You must live in Canada or something heh.
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Default Re: 1.7 Million Half-Life 2 Copies Sold In Two Months

What does suck about Final Fantasy 7 is that it included a great set of XG midi files (not too many sound cards support XG anymore) that you could listen to on the Yamaha S-YXG50 (or was it the S-YXG20) but after Windows 98, the Yamaha softsynth doesn't work.

Forgot to mention you got the Yamaha softsynth as part of the game package, and for me it was actually the selling point, as I was looking for an XG capable midi player. I can't use it any more.

Suckity suck. Blah.

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Default Re: 1.7 Million Half-Life 2 Copies Sold In Two Months

You actually played the PC Version? I only bought it because it was in the 5.99 bargain bin, Bought the PSX version the day it released. I even still have the shirt even though it doesn't fit anymore!
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