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Default Re: impressive hl2 engine

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Wonderful, you can spell but you can't connect your brain to your fingers. Let me guess; you're a tutu-wearing drama major? I say this because I think all the math majors here understand the concept of lowest common denominator.

Go look it up. While you're at it rape yourself with a grammer book because spelling is only half the battle and I'm pretty sure the first letter of the first word needs to be capitalized.

And ya, D3 pretty much looks the same on a GF3 as it does on a 6800GT. Higher rezs and AA/AF really have nothing to do with the engine or the game. The game has low rez textures, low poly characters, and goes super-lite on the firefights whereas the older doom games would throw literally 100s of enemies at you at once.

Clearly you played D3 with your eyes closed if you failed to notice all these things.
rape, tutu-wearing drama major? dude you seem to have some odd fantasy's, but hey to each his own, you say D3 looks the same on a gf3 and 6800gt fine i'll respect your opinion so respect mine as well, so you don't like letters in caps fine i'll respect that and i'll even throw in not correcting your spelling since you seem to have a math major (without wearing a tutu i hope), everybody's been pretty nice on this thread so let's keep it like that O.K i'll take the first step and say "peace my non tutu wearing friend, can't we just get along"

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Default Re: impressive hl2 engine

If game developers don't push the hardware, then what's the point of upgrading every year? Hell, I could just keep my current system for the next five years. Sadly, it could probably run most games in 5 yrs fairly well at med-low settings...

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