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Old 10-16-02, 09:06 AM   #1
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Unhappy TV out with GF 4 mx440 on Suse 8.1

-- Again

is there anybody who gets TV out (Twinview) work with a geforce 4 MX440 on a suse 8.0 or 8.1 ??

I can get two errormessages in XFree.log
1) only one device found - disabling twinview
and when i try "ConnectedMonitor"
2) screen(s) found but none have a useable configuration

Drivers are instaled (and work) no performance problems.
If i start teh computer without a connected monitor the TV device is used automaticly - starting x then the x-window is displayed on the TV. But if I plugted in the monitor and start X with twinview - same problem (see above)

regards Christoph
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Set your config file up so that you get the "none have a usable configuration" message. Then run startx (and it will fail), and post the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file.

The thing is, that error message ("screens found, but none have a usable configuration") doesn't tell me why none have a usable configuration. Posting your log file will allow me to narrow down the reason.
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Old 10-18-02, 04:38 PM   #3
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Default Twinview with geforce4 and suse

Ok here is the Log file with the error "none have a usable configuration"
I don't know I have alle the packages and modules that I need. Exp. Framebuffer in .config - eable or not ?.

PS it's XFree.2.log because I type 'startx -- :2'
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Old 10-19-02, 08:55 AM   #4
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I had the same problem long ago, and I got this mail:
Greetings, Manuel. Hmm. It seems like when you have TwinView enabled
none of the modes you requested for the TV got validated. If you specify
"UseModes" in your monitor section, does X not use it's own mode database?
It seems that way. I'd suggest either removing the UseModes directive in
the monitor section, or place an 800x600 mode that is valid for HorizSync
30-50 and VertRefresh 60 in the Modes section.

I hope that helps.
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Old 12-18-02, 04:00 AM   #5
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Talking it works !!

Using the newest (41xx) driver from nvidia (ia32)
- download the tar-file - compile it - twinview works without changing XF86Config.

There are only 2 possible reasons for the problems I've had:
1. this was the first time I use the tar-file and compile it
2. the old drivers were buggy

now everything work fine


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Old 12-25-02, 01:49 PM   #6
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Default Re: it works !!


I have simular problem, but I allready use the 4191 stack.
Both configuration of monitor and tv where found, but none
of the resulutions work.
The bizarre on it, I use a tv mode from a college with the
same tv. The only difference between our configuration is
that he uses an panel and tv, I use a monitor and tv.

Please can you post your xfconfig. Maybee I have some major
fault in my configuration.

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Old 12-26-02, 04:57 AM   #7
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Default ok - here's my current XF86Config

I'm using a flat panel and a TV but I don't thint that there is a difference using a monitor and a TV. I use the tar.bz files and compile the kernelmodule and the GLX extention on my own. Could be that that's the difference.
Whith this XFConfig the TV was switched of if I use the resolution 1280x1024. If I change to a lower resolution the TV work (clone).
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Old 12-29-02, 05:39 AM   #8
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Default Timings for use with CRT and TV

After trying a lot of different configurations I don't get
any useable twinview xfconfig.
The way Nvidia define twinview is not very useful for
anyone having 2 devices with very different timings
like CRT and TV.

Panels don't need high refreshes to get a good picture,
CRT will need this. In the end I get 1 worth looking timing for 800x600 working at the lowest end working on my CRT and
also on TV.
But I can't setup a mode of high resolution CRT mode
and a cloned 800x600 TV resolution showing the monitor
resolution as a selected part. So I have to switch my xfconfig
unsing my tv.

Maybee the will be an release of drivers in future fixing
this problem. At time I think nvidia choose the design.
xinerama is the better way, I've created such configurations
at work for different systems an hardware and it works fine.

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Old 12-29-02, 08:51 AM   #9
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With the timings in my XF86Config the refresh rate on my LCD is arround 70hz. For the second monitor (TV) the the frequences are give by "SecondMonitorHorizSync" and "SecondMonitorVertRefresh". (I have a PAL TV - normaly the Refresh is 50 Hz but this dosn't work so set up like in XF86Config).
The TV can only be use for DVD/Video or Photos because the picture isn't sharp. My GF4 MX440 works with a resolution of 1024x768 on the TV.
I don't think that next releases can make better pictures on the TV because the physical resolution of a TV (PAL 4:3) is about 750x560 and that dont match with the resolution of a PC.
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