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Default WoW - Cursor Freeze Problem

OK, since WoW came out I haven't popped my head up for air 1 single time. So forgive me if I'm out of touch please.

About a month before WoW came out I went from a 9800pro to a 6800 GT.

I know the official drivers haven't been updated since Nov 9th of last year - and have no clue about beta drivers. Anyway, those are the ones I've been using (Version: 66.93)

Since I've had WoW what usually happens is that somewhere between the login screen to two minutes of being logged into a toon, the mouse curor freezes (at the desktop to). Within two minutes of starting the game (every time) I use the windows key to get to the desktip and change my resolution (always hitting 'no' on the accept rez change prompt). This frees up the mouse cursor and I'm good for the rest of the time I play.

-Should I be using some new beta driver?
-Any way to fix this mouse cursor freeze?

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Default Re: WoW - Cursor Freeze Problem

Turn off Hardware Cursor in the options should work. No idea on a real fix for it though.
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Default Re: WoW - Cursor Freeze Problem

This used to happen to me but it hasn't occurred for a month or so now. I don't remember doing anything in particular to stop it, though I did format and reinstall since then. I am using the 67.66 driver set. Sorry I can't offer any more help, that's all I know.
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