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Default GT4 pc?

A while back I remember there were rumors GT4 would one day be ported to the PC. Were these just rumors? I wish GT4 was for the pc. Imagine the graphics on our 6800s?
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

That would be pretty sweet I don't remember hearing this...
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

I really doubt it .
well if MGS3 .. then theres a little possibility .

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Default Re: GT4 pc?

Not even a single chance. When's the last time you remember a "Gran Turismo" or a "Tekken" or a "Ridge Racer" coming out as a PC version? That's right, never.. The only time you'd been able to play the older ones was on PS1 emulators, and seeing how PS2 emulators are progressing, there is a 99.9% chance that you will never see GT4 run through an emulator and 100% chance there will be no PC version.

You'll have to buy a PS2 in order to play the game. I don't have one, but I'll borrow one from a friend for about a month to play this game.
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

I wish they hadn't delayed Forza Motorsports.
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Holy Smoke
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

I heard the same rumour about GT3.
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

Gran Turismo Series on PC? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Would never happen, Sony wouldn't allow it. I mean come on, its one of the best selling racing games ever, people buy a sony system JUST for it...
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Default Re: GT4 pc?

i have to now turn my ps2 which i have had for almost five years upside down for it to work. It was the same with my playstation.
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