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View Poll Results: Does your GeForce MX 4000 work with 6629 driver or 2.6.11 kernel?
Yes 1 16.67%
No 5 83.33%
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Default GeForce MX 4000 - does yours work with 6629?

as we (hopefully) get closer to a new NVIDIA driver, i just wanted to get a feel for how many people are in the same predicament as me:

* have a GeForce MX 4000 8xAGP (rev a4) that does not work with driver 6629, even with patches applied.

* 6111 drivers *do* work, but not on kernels later that 2.6.8 (?). i *must* use as late a kernel as possible, so i can't use this driver.

i haven't found a patch that will work with my latest planet ccrma kernel.

so - has anyone got this card working in these circumstances (fedora core 2)? if not, what are the chances of the next driver fixing my dilemna?

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Default Re: GeForce MX 4000 - does yours work with 6629?

Amen - this is really frustrating. I have a GeForce4 MX 440 (128M). I tried Mandrake 9.1 and Mandrake 10.1 - both have the same problem:

6629 drivers: X won't work properly at all, it starts, but only some of the graphics are drawn to the screen - most are missing. The mouse is not visilbe.

6111 drivers: Worked OK if patched, but I must disable the console framebuffer or the console is unusable when leaving X.

5336 drivers: Same as 6111, except I can't get them to stay installed - they drivers fail after the system is restarted and must be reinstalled. Once reinstalled X works fine, and actually gets better GLXGEARS scores than with 6111. Adding nvidia to modprobe.preload doesn't help this problem. lsmod shows the nvidia module is loaded, X just wont start.

I use 3 other systems with NVidia cards:

The GeForce3 and GeForce2 GTS cards work fine with 6629 drivers.
The TNT2 system needs 6111 drivers.
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