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Default Non-OpenGL programs invisible.

I ran into a rather odd kind of problem the FAQ knows nothing about and I couldn't find anything about using search.

I installed my TNT2 card back into the computer and downloaded the new drivers.
I had used the older drivers earlier, but that was years ago and I used a Radeon card for a while. And the kernel version was something like 2.2.blah.

Anyway, everything went fine installing the kernel module. It compiled itself cleanly, only murmuring something about me having "rivafb" module compiled. lsmod tells me the module isn't active, so this shouldn't be the cause of my problems.

I also edited /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, adding a # in front of lines Driver "nv", Load "dri" and Load "GLcore", just as adviced by the README file.
I also added lines Load "glx" and Driver "nvidia" to the appropriate places. (Load "glx" into the top of the Loading list, and the new driver where the old one normally is mentioned.

I started X by saying
akilles:~# gdm

X started, showing me the cute white screen with the nvidia logo in it, just as it was supposed to be.
Then, in a few seconds the mouse cursor became visible. And that's about everything.
I could move the cursor around the screen on the nvidia logo, but that definitely is not the most interesting thing to do in this planet. I really do prefer for example browsing the net to just moving my cursor around.
When I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then came back to X by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7 I saw only black instead of seeing only white and the eye.

The funny thing is, in the place where I should be able to write my username in GDM the cursor turned into the text editing cursor (naturally changing back to the normal one when pointing to anything else). (that happens both when I've still got the eye on my screen and when I've made my screen black by visiting the text-mode land)

That made me suspicious. I killed GDM and started X by typing XFree86 :0
I then logged in with my non-root username (dakkus) and said:
export DISPLAY=:0

Then I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get to the graphical screen. I could now see only black, just as I had supposed. But when I moved the cursor to the upper left corner, where the xterm should be, the cursor became a text-editing cursor again.
I did a test:
I went to textmode and opened a screen saying screen -r
I went back to graphical mode, put my mouse cursor over the invisible xterm and said screen -d.
When I went back to text-mode I could see my screen had been detached.
So, then I did some more tests.
I started tuxracer, which had worked for me when I used the TNT2 card on my linux box years ago.
The resolution changed in the graphical mode (I could tell this from the cursor changing its size) and tuxracer started correctly. I could even see it!
I played the game for a few minutes, but since antialiasing didn't bother working today and the game is anyway pretty boring, I quit it. The resolution went back to normal. The last picture tuxracer had shown was hanging in the upper left hand side of the screen, although not responding to anything (which is quite natural when I had already killed tux and his racer).
Putting the cursor over the tuxracer-looking thinge I could naturally still use my still invisible xterm.
I tried playing openttd (openttd.org). I heard the sounds of trains and airplanes and all, but once again saw nothing.

So, I figure that all programs work otherwise perfectly, but only those using openGL and those who draw mouse cursors are allowed to actually show something on the screen.
This kind of makes using the computer quite hard, as the 3d interfaces aren't very well developed yet.

I reverted back to the 3d-driverless settings in my XF86Config-4 and everything works fine again (if we don't care about the 3d games not working faster than on a 286..).

Anyway, is there any solution to this problem? I really don't feel like killing my X and editing my XF86Config-4 each time I want to start or stop playing a 3d game..

And to make sure you understood this: the very same card used to work on the very same computer a few years ago. Only the kernel was different (and I didn't have this soundcard yet).

The attached bug report is made with 3d settings on (and 2d programs invisible).
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File Type: txt nvidia-bug-report.log.txt (61.1 KB, 171 views)
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Default Re: Non-OpenGL programs invisible.

Hi, I'm having the exact same problem.

I'm using....
XFree86 Version 4.3.0 (Fedora Core 1: 4.3.0-42)
KDE 3.1.4-4 Red Hat
Linux version 2.4.22-1.2115

I think its a problem with X not updating the screen.

For me the nVidia logo remains on the screen and the cursor changes to text input when I move the mouse over where the login text box should be. I was able to login using X by guessing what should be on the screen, and when I did I found it was definately a problem with screen updates.

For example, windows didn't draw properly, 'ghosts' of windows remain on the screen after they have been closed, and text from drop-down menus remains on the screen after a menu option has been selected.

I too was able to run Tux Racer without troubles.

I've included my XF86Config and XFree86.0.log files (with logverose 5).

Attached Files
File Type: txt XF86Config.log.txt (3.1 KB, 139 views)
File Type: txt XFree86.0.log.txt (30.4 KB, 150 views)
File Type: txt Other Info.txt (174 Bytes, 150 views)
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Default Re: Non-OpenGL programs invisible.

I have a GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X. I am using Mandrake 10.1 official. I have not updated the kernel. I use the linux- When I first run NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629-pkg1.run, it did not work. The nvidia module would not load, I would not even find it anywhere. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled with the --kernel-name opion. It installed without obvious errors this way. Then I made the appropriate changes in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Then I added the line nvidia in /etc/modprobe.preload. When I started X, the same problem happened to me. The menus and windows were invisible, except of the cursor, icons and some text. Also, when icons were dragged around or floatting text appeared, ghost trails were left behind. I tried to experiment with some of the X CONFIG OPTIONS but nothing happened. The only significant change was that when "NvAGP" is set to "0" (AGP disabled) the desktop background appears. When I set the "RenderAccel" or "NoRenderExtension" to "true", icons and text becomes totally invisible. If there is no way to fix this, I will try to download a previous nvidia driver and see if the same happens.
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