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Exclamation NForce 1.0-0301 hangs the system (10.1 mdksecure)

Hello everybody. I have Mandrake 10.1 Official Powerpack with kernel (options 686/SMP/secure) running on Abit NF7-SL (NForce2).

The system properly recognises NForce2 chipset, loads proper forcedeth driver (built-in kernel network driver) and snd-intel8x0 ALSA driver. Everything is working fine.

However I wanted to try NForce-1.0-0301 driver provided by NVidia. I was interested in getting 6.1 hardware mixing from NVidia Soundstorm2 on my Linux box. I have bought Creative Inspire T5900 7.1 speaker set.

I have removed ALSA driver from /etc/modprobe.conf, installed kernel-sources-2.6 and launched nvidia-installer as root.

No luck. It told me that it won't load the driver after compilation. So I have checked /var/log/messages and found that the driver is built into kernel tree, not the tree.

So I have launched nvidia-installer with options:
-k --kernel-source-path=/usr/src/linux --audio-kernel-install-path=/lib/modules/

This time the nvidia-installer built the module properly and performed all requested operations. So I have included in /etc/modprobe.conf:
alias snd-card-0 nvsound
alias sound-slot-0 nvsound
and rebooted the system. However it failed to load nvsound.ko. It told: invalid module format. I have done some investigations and found out in /var/log/messages that:
kernel: nvsound: version magic ' K7 gcc-3.4' should be ' SMP 686 gcc-3.4'

Ok. This pointed to wrongly built kernel-sources. AFAIR I have messed up with kernel-sources few days ago, so I have entered /usr/src/linux, issued make menuconfig command, and changed options to match the ' SMP 686 gcc-3.4' specification. Then I have built the kernel with make command.

After this I have issued nvidia-installer --uninstall command. It didn't remove the driver. So i have deleted the /lib/modules/ manually.

Then I have relaunched nvidia-installer with options:
-k --kernel-source-path=/usr/src/linux --audio-kernel-install-path=/lib/modules/

Everything went fine, but I have spotted that nvidia-installer issued command:
depmod -aq
and not:
depmod -aq

So I have typed this manually and everything went fine. I have checked if /etc/modprobe.conf has the proper configuration and rebooted the system. The system rebooted without any problems and...

HOLY ****! It loaded nvsound!!! Yeeehaaa... I was very happy about this. I have checked /var/log/messages to find out if it really worked. It seemed to be ok. To be completely sure I have issued lsmod and found out:
soundcore 8128 2 nvsound

Ok. Time for testing...

I have launched X and KDE. Strange thing because when I booted KDE I didn't hear any greeting sound. However I thought this has something to do with unloaded ALSA driver (therefore artds won't work properly), because nvsound is OSS.

After KDE has been loaded I have launched nvmixer. I have browsed all the controls and it seemed to recognise the driver properly. Whooohooo... I have switched configuration of the speakers to 7.1 (I know Soundstorm2 has only 6.1, but still I have 7.1 speakers). Ok.

I have launched xmms and clicked play. Damn... It shows error about blocked sound card output. I have checked the /usr/share/doc/nforce/ReleaseNotes.html and found out that it's the problem of ALSA plugin. OK. I have changed the output plugin in xmms to OSS output and clicked play...

HOLY ****!!! It's working! I was so happy about this. Finally I could listen to my music with 7.1 Surround sound under linux!!! YEAH!!!!

Well... Not really. XMMS played for eight seconds and then hanged the entire system... I does this everytime when I try to listen to music or play any voice file. I have checked the logs, I have tried to load snd-pcm-oss with nvsound. No luck.

This is so frustrating for me. After few hours of checking and trying I have resigned and reverted back to standard ALSA driver (snd-intel8x0)... I have no hardware mixing, no surround sound, LFE channel doesn't work properly, center is not working, surround and rear speakers are silent. I want my Surround 7.1 and have no idea what to do...

Please help! I'd very grateful for this...

PS. I have tried issuing in lilo:
linux noapic acpi=off
No luck still... Could be a bug in NForce drivers?

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