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Question Glquake

I have a dual boot machine with a GeForce2. Glquake runs fine under windows98 but can't get it to work under Linux.

I get an error which doesn't give me a clue to what's going on.

bash: ./glquake: No such file or directory
The file 'glquake' does exist.

When I try to compile glpro from ftp://ftp.runequake.com/quake/engine...c/pqsrc350.zip
I get a compile error looking for a glide file.
In file included from gl_vidlinux.c:36:
/usr/local/src/Mesa-5.0/include/GL/fxmesa.h:35: glide.h: No such file or directory

Everything that I've read about glide leads me to believe that it is only for 3dfx/voodoo hardware. Is this correct?

Will Glquake run under Linux with Nvidia hardware?

What's my next step?
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right, glide is 3dfx stuff

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If my memory serves me, GLQuake preceded current GLX implementations. If you wanted to run GLQuake under Linux "back in the day", you had to do so under Mesa. At that time, I think 3Dfx was the only common consumer-level card that ran under Mesa. AFAIK, this support was written under Glide.

Theoretically, if you had another card that worked under Mesa, you could use that instead. However, nVidia's OGL support uses the current GLX implementation instead of Mesa.

The big question is whether you can get GLQuake to use the current GLX stuff. I honestly have no idea, though I know that Q2 can. I also know that there have been some projects to update the capabilities of the Q1 engine somewhat, and some support Linux. You may find one of these to your liking.
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