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Exclamation Blue line on tv out overlay

Using the most recent drivers, (1.0-6111) I get a strange blue line on the top of anything using overlay on tv out (in this case, a movie played with mplayer). I don't have this problem using the 1.0-4496 drivers. The 1.0-5336 drivers also exhibit this behavoir.

Note that this is tv out only, not TwinView. I don't believe that it is a problem with my configuration (though I won't rule that out) as it works with the older drivers. Has anyone else seen this problem or know of a fix?

I'd really like to be using the latest drivers as they improve performance and work better(?) with XOrg, which I plan to upgrade to sometime soon.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Gentoo Linux
2.4.20-gentoo-r7 kernel
GeForce FX 5600 Ultra
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Default Re: Blue line on tv out overlay

I have the same problem for so long I got used to it. I don't remember it not occuring on my machine. You can get around by using mplayer with -vo x11 (needs also -zoom) or -vo gl2 (better, vsync can be enabled). Still, xv would be much better choice.
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Default Re: Blue line on tv out overlay

I had the same problem on an old TNT, and this works for me :

export DISPLAY=:0.1
xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 66048

(DISPLAY obviouly being the head displayed on the TV, you could try playing around with the colorkey value ... I had to increase it by 2 over the default value to get rid of the blue line.)
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Default Re: Blue line on tv out overlay

I read on the forums here that it's an "off-by-one" error and the blue is the chroma key for the overlay.. anyway xvattr is a good solution, personally I use:
/usr/local/bin/xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 0
It turns the blue are to black and it's not a problem any more.
I've put it in my xinitrc and it does this fiddle automatically whenever X is started.
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Default Re: Blue line on tv out overlay

Ok, I have this problem, too.... and i have read the solution, however, what happens if that same colour blue apears in the video frame, ? or does this only changing the colour of the of what the video image "sits" on ?

Also am I right to assume we are actually losing bits of picture to the right and beneth aswell ?
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Question Re: Blue line on tv out overlay


I too am having this with the drivers I downloaded two days ago. 7167.

I have tried to get xvattr working - to no avail - in fact it trashed my complete Linux system, so don't really want to do that agin

Is there an alternative to xvattr? One xvattr solution was to change the Blue to Black, is this data held somewhere else - where it can be changed - or is that a function on the video drivers internals?

I have an FX 5200 running on Mangrake 10.1 running MythTV 0.17.

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