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Default Crazy "Screen Frozen - Mouse Moves" Bug Profiled

This recently started happening to me on my GF4mx. I had no idea what was causing it, so I started a system profiler, made X lock up, and then sshed in and stopped the profiler and killed X.

nvidia_drv.so was stuck using a ton of CPU time, in excess of 90% like it was sitting there looping waiting for something to happen. I switched to the vesa driver and sure enough the problem disappeared.

I disabled all options I was passing to the nvidia module, no lockups

I was running the driver with RenderAccell set to true, THAT was causing my lockup, which is odd because I've run that option for a while but it recently just started causing problems.

I'm not sure if it's related to what everyone else's problem is, but maybe it is.

Also, APIC under linux can be messy. I have an nforce2 board, and just around kernel 2.6.7 ACPI became stable enough to use for me.
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Default Re: Crazy "Screen Frozen - Mouse Moves" Bug Profiled

I don't get the problem using XFree86 with render accel switched on.. Only when it comes to Mandrake 10.1+Xorg do I get problems. Mandrake's 9-10.0 and XFree86 work fine.
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