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Cold Canuck
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Default Red Hat 9 display distortion

For the first time since I installed an nVidia GForce FX 5700 LE video card, I went to boot into Red Hat 9 (previous card was GForce 4 MX440).

After electing to delete the old display card's config, I followed through on the boot up, only to be faced with horizontal distortion of the displayed graphics to the point that I can't even navigate the main menu system.

On a subsequent reboot, RH9 did not seem to notice the different adapter, nor ask me for instructions as to it's need to be configured.

As a result of the distortion, I can't even make the necessary hardware config changes while in RH9.

All RHN updates were current until Red Hat decided to drop the free updates.

I'm new to linux in any form and was using RH9 as a bit of a teaching tool, so please be gentle with me.

How can I get this linux distro to recognize and/or fix the display problem?

Cheers, eh...

Cold canuck

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Default Re: Red Hat 9 display distortion

was this issue ever addressed? Did you get it to work? Im having the same problem and navigating through the forum found this dead thread...

GeForce 5700
Dell Dimension P4 1.7G 512M


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Default Re: Red Hat 9 display distortion

First of all boot to just the console. RH will have some way to do this. Make a backup of your X config, it will be in /etc/X11/, and edit the original with a text editor. The "Driver" section is the one you most want to pay attention to. In this case the driver can be "nv", "vesa" or "nvidia". To repair your X you could try each in that order with the console command startx. Kill a session with ctrl-alt-backspace if need be. Look in the log which X makes (/var/log/) for the error messages. There is plenty of info available in your distribution on how to configure X but perhaps a web search would be better for you.
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