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Default Re: Best games out there right now

Rome Total War and Trackmania Sunrise are my two votes, even though both have already been mentioned. Rome is just a fantastic game - I guess you have to not just like the ol' FPS to like it, but it's already given me an enormous number of hours of play time. The online community will make TM: Sunrise last for aaaaages too, if that's a concern for you.
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Default Re: Best games out there right now

Rome:TW kicks ass. I've heard Stolen isn't that great though. I'm pretty sure that SC:CT will hold you over when it comes to stealth action.
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Default Re: Best games out there right now

I only play on PC...my votes are for:
1. World of Warcraft
2. Splinter Cell: CT
3. Doom3: RoE
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Default Re: Best games out there right now

Brothers in Arms disappointed me greatly. The disappointment can be summarized in one word: repetitive gameplay! Gearbox overpraised and overrated their own game so much, thinking that they had made the best gameplay ever by using the same formula all through the game: 1. supress 2. flank 3. kill. Well HAHA, try doing that for several hours and you'll be bored to hell. At least I was.
However Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory outweighed the disappointed by BiA completely, surprising me the good way. I hope you have the rig for SC:CT, because then you'll be seeing some kickass graphics all the way baby! I also think it's much better than the first one not only in terms of graphics

Lastly I would really recommend the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcherbay too, but I'll let someone else explain how great it is, otherwise you may even end up experiencing it for yourself
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Default Re: Best games out there right now

If you are an RPG fan and don't have some of these oldies get them:

All of the "Baldur's Gate" games, Planescape Torment, Morrowind, The "Thief" games. If you like building your own campaigns/stories/worlds get some of the Neverwinter Nights games. The single player parts are alright and limited multiplayer and world building is where I enjoyed it most.

Three not so popular old games I yet still enjoyed were; The Longest Journey, Westwood Studios Bladerunner, and Clive Barker's Undying(Horror FPS)

As someone else mention the KOTOR and such Star Wars games are great too. If you like Star Wars you are cheating yourself not owning these games.

If you have never played Far Cry, get it. Doom III is good if you make it past the first half or start. If you stick with it, it pays off.

Oh yes, another older game I liked a lot was, Mafia.

For an aside from RPG/FPS/Action try Gran Turismo or some of the Colin McRae games. Personally I enjoy Colin McRae a lot for a break from the other games.
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Default Re: Best games out there right now

Thank you all... Now I know which game I should buy.


I've just played Riddick demo, and I have only one word to say: WOW.
This game is amazing, even at its demo version without any patches.

It owns HL2 regarding graphics (!), AI, gameplay, movement, hud, weapons, everything... The floor actually explodes when I'm throwing a grenade at it!!!
I've never thought battles can look so intense... got no words, I'm getting this game ASAP.
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