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Default running benchmarks?

Well, the last linux formal linux gaming benchmarks I've seen were done in November last year. I recently did some minor upgrades to get into the 64bit realm as did a friend of mine.

Anyways, we find ourselves with the following available hardware:

- A64 3200+DTR 760GX chipset 2x512MB, Gentoo ~amd64
- A64 3000+ 755 chipset 2x512MB, Fedora Core 3 x86_64 (but can't get ati drivers loaded)

Available vid cards:
nvidia -
- 6600GT
- 6200 (unlockable to 6600)
- 5900XT flashed to 5950ultra
- gf4 ti4200
- gf3 ti200

- 9700pro firegl
- 9600xt
- 9550
- 9250
- 9000pro
- 8500le
- 7000

available games (that probably count):
- doom3
- ut2k4
- ut2k3
- ut
- enemy territory
- quake3

- glxgears
- celestia (doesn't seem to be a benchmark mode)
- evas_gl_x11_test

It's almost tempting to benchmark these all against each other in 64bit just to give a snapshot of the current driver state. Of course that would burn a whole weekend likely. Also we're missing the super new current generation of cards. We're not willing to fork out the cash to get the real high end stuff.

Of course the biggest problem is to plan out what all these benchmarks should do so each card only need be swapped in and out once.

Any pointers for where to start looking for how to do useful base tests?
I'm only just considering doing this, I'm sure people are curious as to the current state of drivers and no one is delivering jack squat for comparisons anywhere.
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Default Re: running benchmarks?


kick glxgears from your list, it is not a 'benchmark', it is more an indicator for a working/non working setup.

Vegastrike is a nice game with a lot of graphics, cool graphics, but because of its dynamic nature (the universe is dynamic) you will never have the same two scenes, if you do not want to script around (hm, there are some missions, which might give the same output everytime)..
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Default Re: running benchmarks?

This external thread might help:

I'd skip ut/ut2003 and just do ut2004. You can get 3dmark2001 to operate, but your mostly testing wine/vmware... still it's a useful benchmark when considering performance of Windows direct-X games under Linux.

My Dell M70 with a go6800 and SUSE 9.2 scored 6665 3D marks with 3dmark 2001 SE for example.
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Default Re: running benchmarks?

Ugh, the ones suggested in there are running through wine only.
It would be nice to generally avoid those types of tests since they're not native, although I guess they are an option.
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Default Re: running benchmarks?

The ones mentioned in the thread have native linux versions... you didn't look very closely (except for 3dmark of course).
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