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Default High Definition & Consoles

Can HD 1080i play a game on 60 fps?! I read somewhere its capped on 30fps :\
there is no 1080p?
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Default Re: High Definition & Consoles

If it was programmed to run at 1080i and the console can handle it well then the game can run at 60FPS, I believe GT4 does this I believe...

As for 1080p, thats still to new. Only acouple TV Sets support it (Thier pretty expensive aswell) and no console will support it till the PS3 launches.
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Default Re: High Definition & Consoles

1080i runs at 60 fields per second (each field is half a screen, since it's interlaced), for a total of 30 full-screen frames. Games can run at 60FPS on them just like they do on current TVs which run an interlaced signal. 1080p runs at 30 full frames per second.

Oh, and the Xbox360 apperently could support 1080p, but it's not being planned as a mandatory standard for games like 720p and 1080i are.
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