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Default Sony scared?

This is turning out to be the greatest PR war of all time between Sony and MS for XBOX360/PS3 marketshare. Which is spectacular since I have both xbx/ps2 and plan to replace them both with x360/ps3, and because of the competition both will likely kick butt and have awesome games.

Anyway, check out the latest:

I've never seen Sony with that sort of tone, almost seems as if they are scared
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Default Re: Sony scared?

For its first foray into the console world, Microsoft did a darn fine job with the Xbox (save for the first controllers). It wouldn't surprise me if Sony was concerned about the tricks Redmond has up its sleeve for the next-gen.
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Default Re: Sony scared?

I dont really see this article as being scared but more establishing it as more change from the last console, but basically, its what microsoft has been saying also.

"Users will be able to store their content in an online storage server called the 'Cell Storage.' And the Cell processor, when it's not being used, can refine the content's quality. We call it the 'aging' process. For example, users can 'age' their Standard Definition (SD) video and up-convert it to High Definition (HD) video. We have many plans [for the PS3], but this 'Cell Storage' service is something that we definitely intend to launch. By using the Cell's security feature, users will be able to rip DVDs that include copyright protection and lay it in the storage area to refine its video quality."
sounds a bit iffy but interesting at the same time.

im glad they are allowing other formats than the memory sticks by putting in sd cards, which they should have done with the psp somehow.
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Default Re: Sony scared?

Sounds like total BS. You can't turn saved SD content into HD content, sorry. Upconverting simply means outputting a SD source at 1080 or 720, but it's not actual HD resolution. Any cable box does that.

we call it aging
rofl, I think Sony thinks they're introducing HDTV to the masses and none of us have it nor know how it works yet to be spewing BS like that.

the Cell (which is said to specialize in floating point calculations in comparison to normal CPUs) was created to 'generate,' or, in other words, to produce virtual objects and phenomenons inside the computer."
ROFLMFAO. Whoever is believing this crap deserves to be laughed at, heavily =)
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Default Re: Sony scared?

My thoughts exactly, it sounds like they're just saving face (so to speak). They know their system's weaknesses, and now that they know the x360's strengths and how well it will compare to their own, they're adapting. The SD to HD comment is a dead giveaway. Calling it "aging" (thereby insinuating that it's like fine wine) even more so. At best, it could apply a few filters, but that's it.
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Default Re: Sony scared?

"entertainment supercomputer"
Thats my favourite line. The Sony PR machine has just enteres superdrive

The PS3 isn't designed to lean towards games.
Really. I wonder what people will be buying it for then. Muppets.
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Default Re: Sony scared?

Originally Posted by shrek2
Thats my favourite line. The Sony PR machine has just enteres superdrive

Really. I wonder what people will be buying it for then. Muppets.
- he said muppets.
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Talking Re: Sony scared?

Some quality PR bull here.
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