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Originally posted by thcdru2k
artx made the chip, ati happened to buy them after it was already done.
exactly. and all the rumors that were flying around that R300 was the product of the "ArtX team" at ATI is pure garbage.
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ArtX left SGI in 1997 and they won Nintendo's business from MIPS (another company that grew out of SGI). ArtX started from scratch with "Flipper".

ATI bought them for $400 million in stock in April 2000. See this.

The GameCube uses ArtX 3D graphics accelerator called "Flipper" which uses 3.1 MB of embedded MoSys 1T-SRAM for Z-buffers, frame buffers and texture cache. It is a 128-bit graphics engine capable of a throughput of 12.5 million triangles per second. It incorporates hardware geometry processing for real-time 3D T & L and also uses S3's texture compression to achive 6:1 texture compression ratios.

It uses a custom PowerPC processor from IBM called "Gekko" that has a unique memory interface that uses embedded and external DRAM and has some kind of special graphical processor interface as well.

The "Gekko" runs at 485MHz while the "Flipper" runs at ~162MHz.

The system has 24MB of main 1T-SRAM memory and 16MB of secondary memory (81MHz DRAM).

I think that the key to the performance of the GameCubes is the use of embedded SRAM memory for really low latencies and high bandwidth.

For more detail on the Flipper look here.

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