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Default revolution spec leak?

in the news section

'Nintendo programmer' allegedly leaks tech specs for the Big N's next-gen machine

15:30 Now that Microsoft and Sony have spoilt our fun by announcing the technical specs for the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 we can only chase leads on what's inside Nintendo's Revolution - even though we've barely seen anything of the machine other than a box.
And a post on blogsite Nintendo Centrium has led us to a set of extremely interesting Revolution specs that are a long way from being official, but have certainly got our pulses racing.

The post, reportedly stemming from a programmer contracted by Nintendo to work on a DS game, claims that the Revolution will feature 2 G5 1.8GHz CPUS (a total of 3.6GHz), a 600MHz GPU and an embedded 16-BIT 7.1 Digital sound chip. It's also claimed that Revolution disks will be 6 GB High definition dual-layer disks manufactured by Panasonic. We've printed the alleged info in full below.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo is unwilling to comment on the rumours and offered us the usual "rumour and speculation" line. So for the moment we should reiterate that these specs are totally unofficial and 100% hearsay.
But if they do get close to the final set-up of the Revolution, how do they compare to Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles?

Xbox 360 will have 3 IBM PowerPC-based cores running at 3.2 GHz, a 500MHz custom GPU from ATI, and is likely to use HD-DVD disks capable of holding anything up to 100 GB of data.

And Sony's PS3 will bust out a 3.2GHz PowerPC-base Core and bolstered by Sony's own Cell processor (said to push 'supercomputer' power), a 550MHz GPU especially developed by nVidia, and will use Sony's own Blu-Ray disks capable of storing 54GB of data.

Draw the battle lines in the forums below, and we'll bring you the latest word on the Nintendo Revolutions as we get them.

Speculative Nintendo Revolution Specifications

2 G5 1.8GHZ CPUS

512K L2 Cache

1200 MHZ Front Side BUS

600MHz GPU with 12MB embedded 1T SRAM

128MB 1T SRAM MAIN MEMORY 600 MHz (L3 Cache to CPU and GPU)

256MB 400MHZ NEC design embedded DRAM

Embedded 16-BIT HD 7.1 Digital sound chip

Dedicated sound bandwidth will not affect CPU

6GB HD Dual Layer Panasonic Discs

3:1 balance between CPU and RAM

1:1 balance between GPU and RAM
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Default Re: revolution spec leak?

Havent MS and Ninty said they will use DVDs as their media.
Also I find it hard to believe that Nintendo can fit all that stuff in that teeny little box. Statistically the thing looks a match for the other two consoles, but I just doubt its validity.
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Lightbulb Re: revolution spec leak?

There is no way they gonna fit all that in that tiny box they showed at E3.
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Default Re: revolution spec leak?

Originally Posted by overheat

Xbox 360 will have 3 IBM PowerPC-based cores running at 3.2 GHz, a 500MHz custom GPU from ATI, and is likely to use HD-DVD disks capable of holding anything up to 100 GB of data.
Credibility hits bottom right there... Xbox 360 has already been announced to be using NORMAL Dual Layer DVDs, not HD-DVDs. Also HD-DVDs max capacity is only 45GBs, Blu-Ray has been able to hit the 100GB mark though using 4 layers...
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