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Default TVOverscan,TVFlickerFilter settings forgotten

nvidia-settings 1.0 forgets the TVOverScan, TVFlickerFilter, TVSaturation
settings, they are not written to .nvidia-settings-rc.

The following works though:

nvidia-settings -a :0.1/TVOverScan[TV-0]=170
nvidia-settings -a :0.1/TVFlickerFilter[TV-0]=128
nvidia-settings -a :0.1/TVSaturation[TV-0]=130
nvidia-settings -a :0.1/ImageSharpening[TV-0]=4

Also, when I switch back to console using CTRL-ALT-Fn, these settings are forgotten when X display is re-activated.
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Default Re: TVOverscan,TVFlickerFilter settings forgotten

I have the same problem. I don't know why nVidia made this "feature" when there is the option: Reset to Hardware Defaults. It's really anoying. I read all the documentation, and I modified my .xinitrc and so on, but the TV out settings are still forgotten !!!!!! Damm, does anyone read this???

Thanks in advanced nVidia guys, and I hope you will remove this anoying feature.
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Default Re: TVOverscan,TVFlickerFilter settings forgotten

Most people misunderstand the working of nvidia-settings. On Windows there's the registry in which settings get stored but something like that doesn't exist on Linux. The way nvidia worked around this problem was by adding a sort of registry to the drivers. This registry is stored in your current X session and nvidia-settings accesses it using the NV-CONTROL extension. The problem is that the registry can't be saved and because of that all settings are lost when you quit X. When modifying options through nvidia-settings the tool saves the settings to its configuration file. The next time you start the gui of nvidia-settings it restores the settings from the config file. Quite confusing. Another way to reload the settings is to start 'nvidia-settings -l'.
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