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Originally posted by pelly
First few posts....
I agree as well. I woke up yesterday mornign with the flu and was like WTF is this? Could it have been that I was using the drowsy variant and imagined all this in the blurr between being awake and sleeping? Guess not.

Anyways, I'm glad to see they're not there anymore.
That's Crazy!
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i eat people
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Let killer post anything he wants for just an hour, i guarantee you'll have like 500 or so people signing up to the furums just to bash him. But after they bash him you could be like:

Due to recent events K.I.L.E.R. has been banned from posting, banned from visiting the forums, or going near a toilet that is not privately owned by him. Even then, it is disturbing to know it still happens. Once again our condolances to ATI AND NVidia.

After you "fire him" everyone will rejoice, and stay aboard for the good jobs the mods did. Then only after a day, K.I.L.E.R. comes back with a vengence "crapping" on everyones threads.

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Kiler....posting his toilet habits

God no!!
I put children in microwaves.
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