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Default bug: pre-rotation values reported by NVxinerama

heres an annotated scaled-down capture representing the bug that a few people have complained about... Option "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" "1" will prevent it from occuring but then windows span both and dialogs popup right between..but thats not as bad as this:

edit..'rotation' means XRandR. in this case, its 2 monitors in portrait, but 'above' or 'below' is still necessary for proper twinview orientation even though the monitors are not vertically stacked..
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Default Re: bug: pre-rotation values reported by NVxinerama

Hi Carmen, thanks for pointing this out.

Currently, XRandR rotation and TwinView do not play well together. We hope to address this in a future release.

Andy Ritger
NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver Engineer
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Default Re: bug: pre-rotation values reported by NVxinerama

Any updates on this? I'd really like my WM to get correct information, rather than the pre-rotated information.

I grepped through the nvidia-kernel distributed files but it looks like all the code is distributed as part of the binary image, not the .h/.c files I could get to. The bug behavior (dual screens are showing up, boundries just are pre-rotation) leads me to believe it should be an easy fix.
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