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Default Glitch while running World of Warcraft in windowed mode

I used to have an ATI 9700 AiW, then upgraded a lot of my system parts including the video card to a eVGA 6800 GT.

A very annoying glitch occurs while I run WoW in windowed mode that did not occur previously with the ATI card. I can switch from full screen to windowed mode (not the borderless maximized mode, but a standard window) and it will be running perfectly fine. After a while though, about 1-10 minutes, any window that I have overlapping the WoW window will start to screw with rendering of WoW.

It's hard to describe the exact glitch, but here goes. I run my desktop in 1600x1200, and usually will run windowed WoW at 1152x768. If I drag an IM window (though doesn't matter what the actual "other" application is) over say the mid-right portion of the WoW window, everything horizontally parallel and below to the window in the WoW rendering will begin to freeze up. Though it's not quite a perfect freeze, as it looks like it is flipping between several frames repeatedly. I can drag the "other" window around over top the WoW window and this effect will follow the window. Here is a crude MS Paint representation.
1) Not overlapping
2) Overlapping

This effect only happens when the WoW window is not the active window on the desktop. If the effect occurs and I click back into the WoW window, it will begin functioning properly again. However if I move focus to another window on the desktop, especially one that is overlapping WoW, the effect will immediately return without delay.

Eventually this effect will take over the whole render of WoW with or without a window overlapping it. If I'm focusing on another window and simply AFK'ing in WoW but watching the guild chat or any /tells I may receive, this glitch becomes especially aggravating because I will not see any of these new messages until I activate the WoW window again, which in many ways defeats the purpose of running the game in windowed mode in the first place.

I can work around it by minimizing every window on the desktop, and then bringing the WoW window back up by itself. This usually, though not always, returns the WoW rendering to a properly working state. This only lasts for a short while until it happens again, so it's not really a wonderful work around.

All of this makes running the game in windowed mode very frustrating and I end up alt-tabbing now, even though windowed mode would be the more preferred option, especially with the nature of MMORPG's taking up all of my time

--- Current System Specs ---
Motherboard: Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra
CPU: AMD 64 3800+
RAM: Corsair TwinX DDR400 512x2
Video: eVGA 6800 GT PCI-Xpress x16
Sound: Onboard nForce4 audio
(Don't see any reason to post any other specs - request other components if necessary)

I have all the latest firmware, drivers, and software updates that are available.

You guys are smart, any ideas here or people that have experienced this? I tried to explain the glitch as clearly as possible, but if you need more information, just let me know.
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Default Re: Glitch while running World of Warcraft in windowed mode

I should note that when I upgraded my system, I did a complete reformat and reinstall, like any intelligent hardware junky should know to do.
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