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Unitarian Jihad
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Cool Giving Linux a try and playing Doom 3

I just recently installed Fedora Core 4 and was able to get the nVidia drivers installed along with the nVidia settings control panel. Doom 3 runs with AA on and surround sound (I'm fairly impressed with myself, last time I gave a Mandrake distro a go (a few years ago) and just could not get Quake 3 to work) so that's all OK
My problem is VSync and tearing. I have VSync on in the nVidia settings openGL app (I think) and I have VSync on in the Doom 3 menu. Maybe I need to play around with different flat panel settings
I kind of feel like the Gnome desktop isn't even syncing right. Is there something to look for in the XConfig or somewhere else to see if VSync is forced on.
Oh and the XP drivers let you force triple buffering in OpenGL, is there some way to do that in Linux.
Finally is there a good Linux Doom 3 forum one could recommend.

Thanks heaps.
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Default Re: Giving Linux a try and playing Doom 3

I've never run Doom3 with vsync on myself, but I'll try it out. I would say the nvidia-settings control panel would override any in-game settings... you say you don't notice a difference either way?

edit: oops! didnt see the obvious Fedora Core 4 in the first sentence...

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Default Re: Giving Linux a try and playing Doom 3

You need to "Sync to VBLANK" in nvidia-settings, also, unless you run "nvidia-settings -l" after a restarting X, the nvidia-settings values that you saved won't be reloaded.

Basically, those settings aren't persistent after a reboot. "nvidia-settings -l" will cause nvidia-settings to load your saved preferences from ~/.nvidia-settings (I believe that is the file, at work and stuck on my Win32 bloatware box).
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