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Default glDepthMask operation

This may not be exactly the right place to post this, but here goes.

Ive been writing some OpenGL code that makes use of the glDepthMask method to disable writing to the depth buffer. This is supposed leave depth testing enabled (which according to glGet it does) but the output is rendered as if depth tests were disabled.

Have others come accross this problem, is this a Nvidia driver bug? (ive tried this both on a quadro 550 and geforce 440) unfortunately I havent had a chance to try it on non Nvidia hardware (darn that market dominance), but will hopefully have a chance to some time next week.
If it is a known bug, does anyone have a work around?

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Default Re: glDepthMask operation

Well, you could try explicity enabling GL_DEPTH_TEST and setting glDepthFunc after glDepthMask, just in case.
Also try the Mesa software drivers for reference.
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