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Default Microphone not working with ALC850

Motherboard: Asus K8N
Chipset : nForce3 250
Audio : Realtek ALC850
Operating system: Mandrake 10.0

After installing NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.0-0283-pkg1.run sound is working fine.
However when I started testing the microphone it was not working.
I unchecked that button and could hear myself when talking in microphone.
However testing with Gnomemeeting druide resulted in no delay when talking., so something had to be wrong.
I tried a life test PC-to-Phone with Skype: did not work.

After installing a C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 this sound card is detected by Mandrake and works flawlessly.
Did I miss something setting up the microphone with ALC850 ?
John Zoetebier
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Default Re: Microphone not working with ALC850


I had the same problem with the microphone, and i solved it in the same manner as well (after a friend of mine's found this box in nvmixer was ticked...)

Now the microphone works okay. I tested it with skype's echo123 user, and i could hear my self through the echo.

a different problem i am having is that for some reason my soundcard/driver decides it doesn't want to mess with audio that is not at 48000 sample rate, and therefore the echo i heard was to fast, and also the sound that the echo plays in the beggining was too fast.

the dmesg prints out these lines:

when recording:
Nvsound: Unable to change the Record SampleRate, set back to 48000

when playing audio:
Nvsound: Unable to change the Playback SampleRate, set back to 48000
Nvsound: Unable to change the Channel, set back to Stereo

and it's too fast.

Did you have these issues as well?
Does anyone have any idea?

edit: I'm using an AMD64 3000+ with an NFORCE3 chipset over a 8KDA3J Epox mobo.
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Default Re: Microphone not working with ALC850

I am having the same problem with nvsound. Up until now I have used the AC97 driver that comes with the kernel, but unfortunately it doesn't allow the mic to work. On the other hand, nvsound makes _all_ sounds applications stop working, except for Skype, which then uses the wrong sample rate.
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