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Default D3 lightmaps. :)

Interesting.. another Mod to fix some of the limitations with D3 Lighting . it will be usefull to recreate a diferent look with softer lighting in games.. mixed with real time per pixel lighting.

FInally soft shadows and soft lighting emulation in the game..that doesnt require a 10Giga watts lamp to hurt your eyes .,(aka.. bloom mods).


This technique aparently could be used too for quake4 mods ,to recreate a more closer style of quake3 lighting ,but enhanced with normal mapping and realtime lighting .
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Default Re: D3 lightmaps. :)

Wait till the Unified Lighting fanbois hear about this...

They'll probably rip you apart for using the words "limitation" and "D3 lighting" in the same sentence ... Personally, I believe that the world is not yet ready for 100% real-time lighting, so this looks like a welcome mod.
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