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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

1 - above all else, is a well designed 3d engine. i CANNOT stand games that look nice but are not efficient. why does a game need to look good AND run badly? doom 3 wasnt my style of game but it was a hell of an efficient graphics fest.

2 - DAMN COOP. i cant begin to describe to all of you how tired i am of deathmatch, deathmatch, deathmatch, deathmatch. i want to play a single player campaign with other people and kick the AI's a*s.
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Acid Rain
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

This is tough to fully encompass.

I agree with the original poster, mostly.

Something that I haven't seen much of and would really like: Devastatingly beautifull enemy models with unbeatable animation, so much of a focus, in fact, as to look photorealistic....almost. I mean perfectly smooth, properly rounded models that give all those shaders a serious workout with hair at least as good as Nalu's and skin at least as good as Dawn's.

I want blood that drips down the chest after a blow to the shoulder, glistening properly in the light, eventually falling from the body in droplets which splatter on the ground.

Insanely realistic gibs as a shotgun or other weapon turns a monster to pulp, giving a person a reason for some serious point blank action.

Let it be known that I would prefer not to destroy human models which look like that, it just doesn't go down well with me, but monsters....anyway, while this sounds morbid and all, if I could fully articulate what I mean here on the forum I'm sure I'd get a lot of agreement. For me, these enhancments, along with all the goodies mentioned in the first post, would really bring up the visceral satisfaction of the genre. I'm a bit agressive in games, I admit it!
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Holy Smoke
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

1) Guns
2) Dead people
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

Fun, and lots of blood and violence.

Example: Kingpin, Soldier of Fortune
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

Either one of these is enough for me:
Fun - even if it's "desktop graphics"
Atmosphere - if you are in the game, you just gotta play it
COOP - even the crappiest of games has a value for me if I can play with friensds
Skill games - I'm talking about those games where you need to practice a lot 'till you get "PRO" (these are the most rewarding to me)

Originally Posted by Holy Smoke
1) Guns
2) Dead people
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

I look for as much freedom of movement within the gameworld as possible. Mouse to cheeze corridor doesn`t cut it for me anymore. I did buy DOOM III, cause I never played the Original. Big terrain outdoor maps missions are my thing.

High detail visuals cause the better the visuals, the more immersed I get into the game world.

I look for natural and relaxed gameplay balance feel. Anything that feels forced, imho for ME, I lose interest right there.

Co op. From now on I seriously reconsider buying any game that doesn`t support co op. The old days of gaming where you were almost gaurenteed a great time on the Pubs are over. I find the sp and co op experience way more gratifying now.
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

Originally Posted by zoomy942
DAMN COOP -- i want to play a single player campaign with other people and kick the AI's a*s.
Unreal. Probably the last FPS I'm going to forget. Has co-op, nice outdoors maps, brilliant soundtrack, helpful Nalis unless fired upon. Decent plot, no platform jumping, player gets to discover a new world. For some reason I also liked Half-life, probably because the twists in the plot. In Deus Ex player actually had a choice to go thru non-violent gameplay, killing noone in progress.

In short: original design, non-linear plot or multiple paths to reach a goal, not everything that moves has to be shot and then shot again, soundtrack that fits environment and "the mood", co-op.
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Default Re: What do you expect from a FPS?

SP experience-related only:-

1. Immersive atmosphere has become mandatory with the technology modern FPS's run on.. Stunning visuals/architecture and audio are paramount in creating a good FPS.

2. Fun. Linear is fine (see Painkiller, and to a large extent Doom 3), as long as the FPS contains no.1, sucking you into the impressive environment regardless if what you are doing is rather repetative (shoot stuff, find a key/trigger, exit the level or whatever).

Hmm... Well there's two things, I'll think of more when I have time .
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