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Default Best Driver for an Asus GF3 Ti500?

I have the V8200 Pure that I just picked up off of ebay and I can't seem to get the right amount of performance out of it. I went to nVidia's archive and tried just about every driver in there and it didn't help. I also went to Asus' archive and tried all the ones they had for this card and those didn't work at all. The guy I bought it from didn't have the driver cd anymore.
What I am using to gauge performance is the q3a demo because that's what I used initially through my other upgrades and I wrote down all of the scores. When I had the celeron@850 with a gf2ultra I got about 95 fps on a timedemo of demo001 and when I upgraded to a p3 1ghz it went up to 133 fps. Now, I just upgraded to a gf3 ti 500 and I am getting 93 fps max now so something is screwy. I could understand if I only got 133 or a few more than that if my cpu was the limiting factor, but getting less is ridiculous.
I have been trying drivers all day with no luck, so I was hoping somebody might have this card and can recommend a revision.
Incidentally, my specs are a be6-2 1.2 p3 1ghz, 512 megs of crucial pc133 2-2-2, 75g raptor, gf3 ti 500.
All the settings in the demo were excactly how they were from before so I have no idea.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Best Driver for an Asus GF3 Ti500?

In descending order of (my) preference for any gf2/3/4:

I consider any more recent drivers to be better suited to the recent cards, no matter what anyone else says.
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Default Re: Best Driver for an Asus GF3 Ti500?

I've owned a gf3/ti500(gainward/128mb) and used v43.03 drivers, worked great for me, i use that particular driver for every card up to the gf4/ti series.
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Default Re: Best Driver for an Asus GF3 Ti500?

43.03 is also my favorite for my GF3- and GF4-era GPUs. Stability was unmatched for six months on either side of 44.03.
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Default Re: Best Driver for an Asus GF3 Ti500?

30.82 gets my vote. I remember a HUGE decline in image quality when I upgraded to 40.72 (they were marketed as "3dmark boosting drivers"), but unfortunately my card burned out shortly afterwards, so I can't speak for the later versions.
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