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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

I only ment to say that OCing is a risk, of instability, issues and at the extreme death of hardware.
Most of those who do it are aware of that, as Im sure you are aswell.

I never ment that it is bad, but there are no guarantees in doing it.
Some hardware clocks very well, some dont.
I was only a bit taken back by the fact that you seemed so discontent with a OC from 350 to 410, and were expecting a flawless 440.

Its strange tho if it worked at 440 on another motherboard, which I guess is similar to Eliminators issues.
It sounds like a difference in either the AGP, AGP power or something in that field is the reason.
I must have missread your post, cause I thought it just started having issues at 440 for no apparant reason, so my bad for skimming hehe.

Isnt there some feature for NV cards in the Nforce3 chipset that allows them to run faster?
OCs them a little or something.. or was that just with the NV3x line?
might be related, I think there is a "hacked" MSI bios that exposes those settings, or maybe it was in the "hidden" settings that can be unlocked in BIOS with a certain key combination, might find more on that over at the MSI section of NforcersHQ.com forums.
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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Originally Posted by jolle
before I switched from NV SW IDE drivers, to the MS standard ones, I couldnt complete 3dMark05.
Screen just went totally black after the first test.

I think it was due to the IDE driver switch, but I was doing alot of meddling at the time, so it can have been the move to Reforce aswell, or something else.
If your not already on the MS drivers, try that and se if it works.

Did you ever try the "blit" settings in RivaTuner? you never answered that I think.
And FC is patched to 1.3 right?
i wouldnt think its the IDE driver.... i might try that later as a last resort..... yes i have tried the blit settings in riva tuner and they did nothing... and yes farcry is patched to 1.3... cs source is updated and it stutters there too.... ut2k4 so far ive only noticed mini stutters...not nearly as bad as farcry and cs
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Default Re: 6800GT stuttering

Ok I tried many things (fastwrites off which helped but did not eliminate it, Blitering stettings, BIOS settings etc.) but some games just would not stop the stutter. (Civilaization IV was the latest one to have this problem)
I contacted Shuttle (The guys who I got my barebones hardware from) and a really cool tech sent me the email posted below of some beta drivers for my GeForce 6800GT. I installed the first one as he suggests and PROBLEM SOLVED!

I have 2 beta drivers you can try. Here are the links try 67.02 first.



Thank you

Rene De La Rosa
Technical Support
Shuttle Computer Group, Inc.
Tel: (626) 820-9000 ext. 702
Fax: (626)820-5060
E-mail: rened@us.shuttle.com
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