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Default VGA/db15 works but DVI doesn't !?!

Monitor: 2405fpw
Video Card: eVGA PCI FX 5500 (DVI only)
Motherboard: Tyan i7501/S2723

When I connect the monitor using a video card ->DVI to DVI cable -> monitor I get 1024x1078 w/ the nv driver and 1400x1050 with the nvidia driver max res.

When I use a video card -> dvi to db15 convertor -> db15 to db15 cable -> monitor I get the full res of 1920x1200 for either driver [ the nvidia driver crashes after a while but the nv works just fine]..

Any ideas why DVI doesn't work at full res but vga/db15 does?
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Default Re: VGA/db15 works but DVI doesn't !?!

First what type of monitor are you using is it a LCD screen or a normal CRT monitor? (a few of those contain DVI too but it is not that usefull as the signal needs to be converted back to an analog one anyway) The reason you can't get high resolutions using DVI is that most cards (except for the Geforce7800 and some geforce6 and quadro cards) contain only a single link DVI interface which is limited to pixelclocks of lets say 150MHz. (some cards go a little lower or higher)

A pixelclock of 150MHz is what you need for 1280x1024 or perhaps 1400x1050. (it all depends on the refresh rate you want as a higher refresh rate needs again a higher pixeclock) If you want 1920x1200 @ 60Hz you need about 200MHz which isn't possible using a single link DVI interface. The normal analog output isn't limited to 150MHz, it can reach 300MHz or more depending on the max ramdac clock.
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Default Re: VGA/db15 works but DVI doesn't !?!

Without seeing a bug report, we can only guess at what the problem might be, however Thunderbird has summarized the most likely reason for the problems you're experiencing.

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