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Default ut2004 stutter issue after upgrade from GF3 to 5900

Hey all...

I have been playing ut2004 fine using my old GF3 Ti200, all be it in lower res 800x600 but quite smooth. I have since bought a 2nd hand FX5900 and ut2004 now has a stutter effect. You can move around and its silky smooth for 5 seconds ish and then stutter, keep going and another stutter every 5 seconds or so, this is even before the game starts.

I am running fedora core 3 on a Asus p4b m/b, p4 2.4Ghz 3x256Mb fx5900 and Audigy

I have exhausted every idea. So Far :-

1 Changed various bios settings like AGP apeture, interupt mode, passive release, pci latency etc etc. Too many to mention.

2 Tried 2 kernel versions (although both were 2.6.12 versions).

3 Tried older version of the nvidia driver (using livina rpm's), latest and legacy

4 Tried without SBA and Fast Writes

5 Tried without sound

6 Re-installed the game

7 Tried the game before and after any updates

What is odd I can dual boot into my win2k partition where I have hl2 installed and that runs fine, very smooth with no repeat/regular stutter effect so I do not think any hardware is at fault or issue.

Anyone seen this problem before. It sure looks like a linux only issue to me. Oh, yes, even the old quake II under linux does exactly the same thing so its not the game itself.
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Default Re: ut2004 stutter issue after upgrade from GF3 to 5900

Well I fixed my own problem. I just killed a few background tasks and it looks like gKrellm is the culprit causing the stutter. What is odd it does not seem the affect my gf3 ?

It now runs very smooth even at 1280x1024. Maybe an idea is to log into xfce if playing a game since that is a very lightweight desktop and my favorite gnome for regular work.
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