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Default Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

With driver version 1.0-6629, I had been using a custom 1280x960i mode which works with 1080i timings for a 4:3 ratio tube television with component HDTV inputs. I just upgraded to version 1.0-7174 of the NVidia driver and it went berzerk.

At this point I think interlacing is just busted with the new driver. I have not tested version 1.0-7167, but from other comments I suspect that one has the same problems. UPDATE: I just tested version 1.0-7167, and it does indeed show the same bug symptoms, so it was introduced between 1.0-6629 and 1.0-7167.

My hardware setup:
-- x86 PC, 512MB RAM, tried RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 3.
-- Geforce 5200 AGP 128MB RAM.
-- Primarily tested on the DVI-out port using a DVI --> VGA converter. That was the config it worked fine with before.

In all the interlaced video modes I tried, I get:
-- Seems to only display one field, rather than the correct behavior of alternating even and odd lines every other frame as it should.
-- Start of the display set strangely so you get wrapped display horizonally, making it look as if the display was split in two vertically and the two halves swapped. See forum thread ""Split Screen" bug with 1920x1080i" to see someone reporting this problem.
-- Hardware cursor is still apparently in the right position on the screen, so when you bring up a menu or click, it is not under the mouse, but where it would logically be in the wrapped position.
-- Also, my spiffy new LCD HDTV gives really bizarre results on this, so I suspect the video scan timings or info may be confused in other ways that I can't tell with my lack of an oscilloscope.

UPDATE2: More testing with a DVI-D --> DVI-D input on my Sharp LC-45GX6U LCD HDTV. The DVI-D outputs behave pretty strangely on both the old driver version and the new driver version at 1080i. I get video, but it seems to be doing line-doubling with the "odd" lines put out 5 lines later than the even lines, so they are very misaligned vertically. Weirdly enough, it seems better with the 7174 driver version, with only 1 line of difference... kind of like the HDTV is consistently picking the wrong field. This seems like a different problem (and perhaps a different code path?) than the above.

Hopefully there are some plans to fix interlaced video modes?? Esp. considering all of us HTPC bufs using NVidia cards for our systems.

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Default Re: Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

It is a sad situation. I have the same problems. I hate to raise the issue again, but the whole point of the open-source model is to avoid this sort of quagmire with drivers.
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Default Re: Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

I see no reason to believe that nVidia is listening to, or cares about our problems. I have posted on this very issue in the past and I can't help but feel my pleas are falling on deaf ears at nvidia. It is an extremely sad state of affairs that the best video card right now for tv-out on Linux is a Matrox G400/450/550 -- a card that is comparatively ancient. Though the choices are rather limited, I do know for sure that my next video card won't be from nvidia because of this.

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Default Re: Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

I've been in contact with nVidia's Linux support over email about this bug. They are claiming that nobody has ever reported it to them before. Knowing that the bug had certainly been discussed here before, I replied with links to this thread, and I got no reply. This is obviously bad service, but there's still a way to address it without abandoning the time, effort, and money already invested in your cards.

Apparently, they are very particular about how they receive their bug reports. They want to see an nvidia-bug-report.log from immediately after the problem occurs. For details, see this post. Rather than just post it here, send it to the support tech I've been in touch with, Lonni J Friedman: lfriedman@nvidia.com

If everyone who experienced the problem does this, they won't be able to say they don't know about it anymore.
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Default Re: Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

Well, I remember sending them a bug report with multiple logs in addition to this detailed description.

I just checked my sent email, and in fact it was to the same guy "Lonni J Friedman <lfriedman@nvidia.com>", with all the detail that I remember. This was at the end of April, 2005.

Now in general I'm pretty happy with the NVidia Linux drivers, but I *would* like Interlacing to work right. I'll re-send it.

Erich Boleyn
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Default Re: Interlaced video modes busted in 1.0-7174 driver

We currently have bug 195575 open for the issue where interlaced modes are not working. We hope to have this addressed in a future driver release (however not the upcoming/next driver release).

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