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Default Kind of adapter bad initialization?

Hello all,
I was browsing several days through the forums and google, but nothing's fully addressing my issue with nVidia driver, so I'm opening a new thread for it. Here's my problem description: I'm running on AMD64 3000+, board Asus K8V-X SE, nVidia model is GeForce 6200. There are two gentoo-linux systems - one for amd64 architecture, one for generic x86. Both systems have 1.0.7676 driver installed, both systems are running same version of the kernel - 2.6.12.

On 64bit (amd64) system it works perfectly - no stability issues. On 32bit (x86) it works as well with one significant exception: If I boot to the x86 system FIRST AFTER POWERON, I get black screen and totally frozen box - probably only on user level, because I could hear sync from time to time when waiting for any more progress (10 min - nothing). I was even not able to obtain the bugreport from the frozen system state - script that should run in background hasn't even started.

Now the strangest thing: If I first boot to amd64 after poweron, do nothing more, just boot up to the level 3 WITHOUT starting X or inserting the module and reboot back to x86, everything works 100% and even after any reboot it works further. I just must not switch off the box otherwise, as I already wrote, I must first boot 64bit system to get it work in 32 bit..

My conclusion from this experience is that the 64bit kernel must do some initializations that the 32bit kernel doesn't. I tried to make those kernels as close as possible regarding configuration, but unfortunately nothing helped yet.

Maybe this problem is so well known that it wasn't worth mentioning anywhere, but in case of any more interest I can provide the bug reports and the kernel configs as well of course.

P.S. This problem occurs with both gentoo-provided and original driver, also with the very latest 8714 version of the driver. Seems to be kernel/architecture dependent issue.

Thanks for any suggestions, rgds, Jan.
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