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Default Twinview and special modeline on 2nd monitor


After struggling for a while I finaly managed to setup up my dual display which consists of a regular 17'' 1280x1024 lcd monitor and a widescreen 1280x800 Proview PS-576W. My problem was I could not get the Widescreen monitor to display anything correctly until i found the correct modeline.

For those interrested, the setup for that monitor is :
Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Proview PS-576W"
HorizSync 29-52
VertRefresh 59.0-61.0
DisplaySize 332 207
Option "DPMS"
Modeline "1280x800" 71.47 1280 1288 1312 1400 800 802 804 842
DisplaySize 332 207

So I managed to setup the screen without non-twinview but I was not 100% happy cause I wanted hw-acceleration on both screen. I could only to get Twinview to work well by setting up. the smaller screen as primary because I didnt find how to tell the driver to use the special modeline on the secondary monitor.

Any idea, anyone ?
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