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Question *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

I've pretty much had it fighting with the Asus A8N-VM CSM. The board is faulty, with ACPI and various BIOS-related bugs galore.

Let's face it: the nForce 430 chipset is simply too new. Maybe one day it'll have halfway reliable Linux support, but I'm tired of waiting for that day.

Now then. I'm going to return this on warranty, but I'll need a new mobo.

The requirements:

- MicroATX form factor
- Socket 939 (I've got an AMD64 3500+)
- PCI Express
- integrated ethernet (preferably 1GB, 100MB will do though)
- nForce4 chipset
- STABLE ON LINUX! Meaning networking works OK with forcedeth, no random freezes or crashes or instability or whatnot.


If an nForce4 mobo with the above criteria doesn't exist, suggest something else (what would be a Linux-stable chipset?). The PCI Express/microATX must be there, though.

(edit: forgot Socket 939 from the requirements)
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Default Re: *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

Maybe the gigabyte k8nmf-9. I am using the k8nf-9 (ATX) without any problems, ethernet (forcedeth) and sound (alsa) working.
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Lightbulb Re: *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

I hear you,..... the Gigabyte K8N51PVMT-9 sounds good,....
but nforce4 ? you'll be in the same boat,...
and 6150 430 ?? realtek sound,...ok
think the foxconn has 3 PCI slots,...

for me,
- 4 sata
- sound I'll give up, asus p4pe , crackling,...a8n-vm,...non so far
- 939 amd,
- 4 memory slots
- suse 10.0 .... heard in february, 10.1 RC1, new kernel, new hardware recognition,...xorg update,...

what about the ALI chipset with linux ?
cheers, Robert Schultz ------------------------ (NVIDIA)
grew up on Sun Os, now got forced on windoz, at home trying to survive on SuSe linux,....
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Asus Geforce FX 5600
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Default Re: *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

I've used a MSI RS482M4-ILD motherboard under linux with decent success.


Unfortunately, the apic is broken and results in the system ticking at a 2x rate. appending 'noapic' to your kernel boot options seems to fix this problem.

I haven't tried the HD audio yet, so I'm unsure how that works.

Otherwise, the board seems fairly stable.
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Default Re: *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

After managing to get sound working I can recommend the Gigabyte GA K8N51GMF-9.
Anything works now reliably and performant: Fedora Core 4, 3d, sound, cool'n quiet, etc ...

Just use kernel 2.6.15rc5 and alsa 1.0.10+ - important is the setup of the options in /etc/modprobe.conf - pls refer to:


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Default Re: *STABLE* (in Linux) MicroATX nForce4 mobo?

Originally Posted by rsrtfm

what about the ALI chipset with linux ?
you mean ULi.

It just works. PCIE, AGP, sound, IDE, ethernet, usb, cool'n'quiet It works (can't say much about sata, never tried it).
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