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Old 02-24-03, 12:39 PM   #1
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Default Should *Nix strive to be #1

This question has been going around in my mind. Should the *nixes strive to surpass Microsoft/OSX (moreso microsoft) as being the top OS for the consumer PC. I am afriad, that if Linux becomes the new OS for consumers, that more and more proprietary software will be made and less Open Source software will be made. I am very afraid of those annoying programs (I.e. Bonzi Buddy, and Save!) being ported to linux. We don't need those programs.
Just a thought


P.s. I am pro-Linux, please don't flame me!

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Why is proprietary software bad, or worse than open-source software? There are many things which proprietary software is a better model for (mostly content-driven, like games).

And as for those annoying programs - just don't install them. Easy solution.

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I just like to have the option of making change in a programs. For instance, if I feel like a program needs a feature, I can make the changes myself with out having to submit my request to the company/programmer.

Just my 2 cents. (which is why I started this poll, to see what people's thoughts are).
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I dont know how to program or anything crazy like that. But I use Linux on my server. The reason I choose linux is obvious: Stability, Efficiency, Price, and of course Geek Factor. I could not afford to run a winblows server, and I dont think many enthusiasts like myself could. We spend enough on Hardware, I dont need to spend $280 on a crappy version of windoze, that a 7 year old script kiddie could write a worm for and shut down in 10 minutes. I mean my Dual Processor Motherboard was only $200. Tell me how a $2 CD-ROM can cost me $280. It's just wrong.

RedHat All the way!!! Power to the People! not a Billion dollar conglomerate.

BTW all prices quoted in CDN funds.
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Answer my question and then I'll answer your pointless poll.
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