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Default RedHat 8.0 and Geforce 3 Ti 500, works, but only with low resolution

It wont let me choose a higher resolution in my settings. I tried updating the driver, but that didnt help any. Or maybe I did it wrong. Someone please help me, I am new at this...

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First, you must be sure that the driver is indeed working. If you have not forced it off (you should know if you did) you *should* see the nvidia logo splash screen on startup of X. If you do not, then the driver may not be loading afterall.

I assume that you installed following some directions, either the nvidia FAQ/ReadME that is available with the driver or a thread here on the site. (you have then edited your XF86Config file in /etc/X11 to load the nvidia driver, and have commented out appropriate lines, including DRI).

In RedHat 8.0 you can use the Display tool under the Menu->System Settings to change resolutions, this will allow you to change between settings you have declared in the above config file, near the bottom in the screen config section. If you cannot load resolutions you are certain your monitor can handle, then 2 possibilities are likely:

1) you are not in fact running the nvidia display driver, but are loading vesa or something else, make sure all the config file settings are as suggested. Also do the command 'lsmod' to check verify you see the 'nvidia' module is loaded.

2) your resolutions and or monitor config is incorrect, check them again looking for typing errors in particular. Check the scan range of your monitor defined in the Monitor section.

You can use the Display tool to change monitor settings including scan ranges, but I have not used it for this so I cannot say whether it modifies the files acceptably (I assume it does).

Attached my current config with driver 4191, GeF4 ti4400, RH8.0, Dell P992 Trinitron 19".

Note: the file should NOT be named XF86Config.txt in /etc/X11, also please note the driver version will change the module name you load under the 'driver' section.
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Originally posted by LordMorgul
also please note the driver version will change the module name you load under the 'driver' section.
Umm? No, it won't, the X driver has been named nvidia_drv.o since at least 0.9-769 (the first version I used).

The kernel module's name has just changed, yes, but this line is referencing a file in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers, not a kernel module.
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