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Default Need 360 games!

I've got 8 of the 19 games in existence for the 360 and don't want any others, I hope the 2nd wave comes soon! What's everyone else looking foward to other than Oblivion? ( which I am too )
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

The only games I'm looking forward atm won't probably be available around here for a long time: nintety nine nights and gears of war.

At the beginning of a console life, it's always like this: few titles and sparse new releases for the following months.
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

The Ghost Recon looks promising, ill be buying that one...which will be the first 360 game i buy, then gears of war for sure.
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

Fight Night Round 3
Burnout 4 - Revenge
The Outfit
Battlefield 2 - Modern Combat
The Godfather - The Game
The Elder Scrolls IV (4) - Oblivion
Ghost Recon 3 - Advanced Warfighter

Games coming out in mars
dont know if oblivion will make it at that date but we can hope

Personally I will get
The Elder Scrolls IV (4) - Oblivion
Burnout 4 - Revenge

without even thinking twice the others I would have to wait for reviews, buying 2 games a month is enough for my pocket

And ones down the road that I am VERY excited about:

Ninety-Nine Nights
Gears of War
Splinter Cell - Double Agent
The House of the Dead 4
Em - Enchant Arm
Lost Odyssey
Dead Rising
Resident Evil 5
Blue Dragon
Halo 3
The Darkness

have great confidence that all those will be A+ games
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

Battlefield 2
Halo 3(of course)
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Gears of War
and MotoGP 2006(hell yeah!!!)
Not necessarily in that order.

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Default Re: Need 360 games!

The Playstation3 ..thats what im waiting for
And of course a modchip for the 360

BTW Moto GP 2006 that will rock ..lets hope that!
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Halo 3
BF MC (Only if it supports minimum 64 players)
Gears of war
Lost Planet
Too Human
Mass effect
Alan Wake

I am surpised no one else wrote the last three on my list. I was thining xbox fan would definitely be waiting for those.

Edit: Somehow I Managed to forget HUXLEY!
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

When I finally get a 360 (hopefully a store will get some tomorrow. It is friday I'm crossing my fingers) here is what I want:

Oblivion Collecters Edition
Ninety Nine Nights
Gears of War
Lost Odyssey
Shadow Run
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Default Re: Need 360 games!

House of the Dead 4

I already passed it on arcade with my bro, I cant wait for its console release

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